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Happy Adult Diaper Pants

Happy Adult Diaper Pants is a pant system Diaper is Manufactured in PRC. We import it from PRC to Bangladesh. It is a standard quality pant system adult diaper which is got familiar among the people of Bangladesh in a very short period of distributing in local market of Bangladesh.

The diaper is so comfortable and it has maximum absorbency which makes the skin dry immediately. It has anti leakage barrier to get rid of leakage problems.

Make your beloved Happy!

Happy Adult Diaper Pants
Predo Baby For KLC

Predo Premium Baby Diaper Pants

Predo Premium Baby Diaper Pants is a premium quality pant system baby diaper which is made from virgin materials and manufactured in Turkey. The skin of babies is soft and sensitive. If the diaper is not made from virgin materials, it can cause harm to their skin, which is a thread for their future health. 

Predo Premium Baby Diaper Pants have leakage-proof barrier which doesn’t let the leakage drop outside from the diaper. It has soft breathable surface which does not let their skin sweaty or wet. Predo Premium Baby Diaper Pants has advanced system of Wet ness Indicator which makes it easier to indicate from out side of diaper that if we have to change baby diaper or not. So the baby stays dry all day and all night long.

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